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We love animals. That’s why we started an Austin animal hospital over 20 years ago. Our skilled veterinarians treat pet health emergencies and provide routine wellness exams and vaccinations. We do everything from pet dental work to orthopedic surgery.

Your pet deserves the same quality of treatment and attention to detail as you would expect if any member of your family were sick. We treat your pets the way we treat our own. That’s our pledge to you.

Maintain Your Pet’s Health…Keep Your Peace of Mind

Nothing is more important to a pet owner than piece of mind. Your animal cannot tell you exactly what they’re feeling, but your intuition will usually let you know if something is wrong. Make sure you’re giving your pet every chance to lead a long, healthy life by taking them in for regular check-ups and needed vaccinations. Prevention is always the best medicine.

Austin Veterinary Care – Dental, Ultrasounds, Full Diagnostics, More

We are a complete pet health care provider. Our Austin veterinarians typically start by doing a thorough diagnostic evaluation before moving on to treatment. We will discuss treatment by medication or in-house medical procedures with the pet owner before proceeding.

Our staff is experienced in pet dental care, heartworm treatment, animal ultrasounds, administering vaccinations, and performing a wide range of surgical procedures. Have a pet health emergency? Call 512-832-4119 right away.

Austin Pet Clinic – Come See Us

We strive to make sure our pet health and wellness services are affordable. Cost should never get in the way of a healthy life. Across the board, our services are less expensive than other animal hospitals in Austin.

It’s our hope that by offering inexpensive dental exams, low cost vaccinations, and affordable diagnostic services, we will entice more pet owners to get regular care for their loving companions. Make an appointment now.

Visit our Austin Pet Hospital.

We specialize in pet care, orthopedic surgery & animal dental.

Call our Austin veterinarian today at (512) 832-4119 for a free consultation.

We offer many veterinary services such as:

  • Vet Care
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Animal Hospital
  • Vaccinations
  • Surgical Services
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