Which pet food is best?

With so many pet foods on the market, choosing the right food for your dog or cat can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time pet owner. A web search may only further your confusion, [...]

Senior pet health: Caring for your aging pet

While it’s true that cats and dogs are prone to many of the same conditions humans are, unlike humans, your dog or cat can’t say, “I better get this sore knee checked out,” or “This chest pain [...]

What happens when your pet gets lost?

Leashes break, fences fall down, dogs dig themselves out of the yard, kids leave the door open. All of these things can lead to a lost pet – a scary situation for both you and your four-legged [...]

Welcome, Dr. Goodwin, our third doctor!

Animal Medical Center of Austin is excited to expand our practice from two doctors to three with the addition of Dr. Jennifer Goodwin. Dr. Goodwin comes to AMC from Chisholm Trail Veterinary [...]

Toil and trouble: Four Halloween pet dangers

On Halloween, the regular rules go out the window. There’s lots of candy, being out after dark, maybe a scary movie. It’s a good time for the whole family, and that includes your pets – as long [...]

What to do when your pet has an emergency

It’s a moment you hope never happens. Your dog begins shaking and drooling – a seizure. Your cat vomits blood. Your pet gets run over, or attacked by another animal, or has something lodged in [...]

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